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David Wingrove
Born and raised in London, David Wingrove gave up a career in banking to return to studying, graduating with First Class Honours in English and American literature. It was whilst working on his subsequent doctorate that he set about the daunting task of researching and creating the epic twenty volume Chung Kuo series. Wingrove is also author of the Myst trilogy and produced several works of criticism and, with Brian Aldiss, is co-author of the highly-acclaimed Trillion-Year Spree: The History Of Science Fiction winner of the prestigious Hugo and Locus awards. He lives with his family in north London.

Chung Kuo
1. The Middle Kingdom (1989)
2. The Broken Wheel (1990)
3. The White Mountain (1991)
4. The Stone Within (1992)
5. Beneath the Tree of Heaven (1993)
6. White Moon, Red Dragon (1994)
7. Days of Bitter Strength (1995)
8. The Marriage of the Living Dark (1996)

Chung Kuo recasting
1. Son of Heaven (2010)
2. Daylight on Iron Mountain (2011)
3. The Middle Kingdom (recasting) (2011)
4. Ice and Fire (2012)
5. Art of War (2013)

1. The Book of Atrus (1995) (with Rand Miller)
2. The Book of Ti'ana (1996) (with Rand Miller)
3. The Book of D'ni (1996) (with Rand Miller)

Non fiction
Immortals of Science Fiction (1981)
The Science Fiction Source Book (1984)
Apertures (1984) (with Brian Griffin) (see Brian Aldiss)
Science Fiction Film Source Book (1985)
Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction (1986) (with Brian Aldiss)

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